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Your Biography Your Story
Don’t let your family stories fade away

Everyone knows a storyteller. Perhaps it's YOU. Or maybe it's a family member. Don't you love hearing them tell their stories, in their own unique and wonderful way. Shouldn't future generations be able to enjoy these life stories too? Now you can keep loved ones “alive” by preserving personality, voice and expressions. 

Bob West Video can create a person’s complete biography, 
or focus on highlights of a person’s life. 

Biography session can be as simple as a one hour one camera shoot with a family
member or friend asking questions or to a more detailed two hour multi camera shoot
with a professional interviewer. Its your choice. 

All Biographies include:

Professional Lighting, Sound, 5 Custom DVD's & Mp4. on flash drive of completed Biography.

Video Biography start at $ 1500.00 and up to $ 5,000.00

Prices are based on your goals (length and complexity of your video) and budget. We invite you to give us a call. We'll discuss your needs and give you a custom price quote.
Bakersfield's Premier Biography Videographer